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17-Month Cohort MPA

17-Month Cohort MPA (course sequence for AY 2017-18)


The 17-month Cohort MPA is designed as an opportunity for students to pursue their MPA in a cohort, including membership on a team for the capstone MPA project.   In the first semester, students will begin working together on their MPA project in PAD 680 Research Methods for Public Administration and Nonprofit Management, develop their MPA project's survey instrument in the spring semester course in survey methods & design, and collect and analyze their data in the Summer and Fall 2018.  They present and defend their team MPA Project to the MPA faculty during Critical and Examination Period (the last week of the Fall 2018 semester).

Required Courses & Sequence


Fall 2017 (12 credit hours)

PAD 500 Public Administration & Policy
PAD 680 Research Methods in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management
PAD 601 Public Budgeting

Track Course:

PAD 607 City and County Management (public sector track)-offered online through Blackboard
PAD 604 Nonprofit Management & Governance (nonprofit management track)
PAD 605 International Public Management & Service (international public management track)

Spring 2017 (15 credit hours)

PAD 681 Data Analysis & Presentation
PAD 715 Survey Design & Analysis
PAD 646 Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Two (2) Track Courses 

Fall 2018 (9 credit hours)

PAD 640 Human Resource Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
PAD 690 MPA Project (Team)
PAD 735 Public Organizations (delivered online via Blackboard)


How to Apply

Students should state their intention to pursue the 17-month Cohort MPA in their "Letter of Intent." 

Seeking Additional Information?

For more information about the 17-Month Cohort MPA, please contact Dr. Laurie Buonanno, MPA Program Coordinator.


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