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Minor in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management (Undergraduate)

Coordinator:  Dr. Suparna Soni

The 18 credit-hour Minor in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management introduces students from all disciplines to the core elements of public administration and nonprofit management.  The minor is designed to prepare students for graduate study in public administration and public affairs and/or careers in the nonprofit and government sectors. 

Students earning a GPA of 3.0 or above in the minor are guaranteed admission into SUNY Buffalo State's MPA program.  

Required (12 hours):

PAD 360 or PSC 360 Public Administration 
PAD 307 Metropolitan Governance+ 
PAD 390 Research Methods in Public Administration*
PAD 435 Administrative Practices in Public and Nonprofit Sectors

Select one course from the following list (3 hours):

PAD 488 Internship in public agency or nonprofit organization OR
PAD 495 Special Project in Public Administration OR
PAD 499 Independent Study

Select one course from the following list or select a course in consultation with the program coordinator (3 hours):

PLN 315  Principles of Urban and Regional Planning; ECO 320  Managerial Economics; SWK 320 Social Services Organizations; BUS 325  Human Resource Management; ECO 350  Public Finance; BUS 360  Principles of Management; SOC 362  Sociology of Organizations; PSY 367   Organizational Behavior; CRJ 402   Advanced Administration in Criminal Justice; PAD 368 or PSC 368 Comparative Public Administration; PAD 389 Topics in Public Administration.  New courses for Fall 2016 - International Public Management & Service;  Human Rights & Humanitarian Policy

Other courses may be accepted, but only by permission from Dr. Soni.  Dr. Soni will indicate this permission by inserting a note in the student's DegreeWorks.

+Students may substitute PSC 315 State and Local Government for PAD 307 Metropolitan Governance.

* Students may substitute the required Methods course or a combined course in Methods/Statistics in their BA/BS program.  Check with Dr. Soni for course equivalency.


How to enroll:

Contact Dr. Soni to meet with her about the minor and internship opportunities.


SUNY BUFFALO STATE UNDERGRADUATE - PLEASE NOTE - students who have earned a GPA of 3.0 or above in Buffalo State's Public Administration and Nonprofit Minor are guaranteed admission into the MPA program.  Students satisfying this requirement must: 1) fill out the Graduate School Application, 2) pay the application fee, and 3) follow instructions for official transcripts  Reference letters and the letter of intent are waived.  

Buffalo State students are not required to submit transcripts, as the Graduate School will obtain Buffalo State transcripts; however, if applicant attended other institutions these transcripts must be provided even if sent at time of a previous application. In accordance with federal regulations, all students (except Buffalo State graduates) are required to submit a final transcript with a degree posted to the Graduate School by the start of their graduate work for financial aid eligibility).



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Public Administration and Nonprofit Management

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