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MPA Projects

Students Present their Research Findings at Open Community Forums
  • Poster Session
  • MPA Defense - Faculty Audience
  • MPA Proposal
    MPA Project Proposal
  • MPA Project Proposal
  • MPA Project Proposal
  • MPA Project Defense
  • MPA Project Proposal
  • MPA Project Proposal

Providing State-of-the-Art Research Support in the Western New York Community!


From capacity building to performance-based metrics, our MPA students are trained in state-of-the-art research, skills which they share with the community through their applied Masters' Projects.  Our students meet with area residents; line and case workers, managers, and board members of nonprofit agencies; stakeholders; taxpayers; advocates; public servants; and, elected officials in all phases of their research - from problem definition to data collection.  Buffalo State's public administration program encourages mixed methods research, which is a combination of quantitative (e.g. statistical analysis of attitude-based questionnaires, census data, performance data, social network analysis) and qualitative (e.g., open-ended and semi-structured interviewing, participant-observer techniques such as thick description, storytelling/narrative, focus groups).  Many different types of studies are conducted such as needs assessments, program evaluations, and policy analyses in the public and nonprofit sectors.  Our second-year MPA students are proficient in the use of SPSS for statistical analysis.

All MPA student research involving human subjects (questionnaires, focus groups, interviews) must be approved through the IRB process.  All MPA students must complete an online course in Ethics in Human Subjects Research with a grade of 80% or above (the CITI training course).  Each MPA Project Proposal must be approved by the Public Administration Faculty Committee.

Our MPA program requires a rigorous research sequence - PAD 680 (Research Methods), PAD 681 (Data Analysis & Presentation), and PAD 690 (Master's Project). These courses are open only to students matriculated in the MPA degree program.  Students conduct research in the community, either in a nonprofit or public agency.  Students present their research proposal at the conclusion of PAD 681, providing them an opportunity to benefit from peer, alumni, faculty, and community feedback before they begin the data collection phase of their research. Students present the final results of their research (MPA Project) in their public defense, which takes place in a community forum attended by Buffalo State students and alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and leaders in the public and nonprofit communities. 

In addition to formal teaching (PAD 680 and PAD 681) and one-on-one mentoring (PAD 690), students can take advantage of the MPA Project Management Workshops offered by the MPA Alumni Association.  These are offered year round free of charge by MPA Alumni.  The MPA Alumni Association also plans to begin drop-in writing session beginning in the fall 2016 semester.  All events will be posted to the EVENTS calendar.


MPA Projects  (2012-2017)  

This is a list of MPA projects that have been formally proposed (PAD 699/681) or defended.  Projects which authors have uploaded to the Digital Commons are indicated in orange (URL linked).  Beginning in December 2015- defended projects include a summary (poster).   Students listed have succesfully completed PAD 681 and have registered for PAD 690.  Only "active" students are listed.


MPA Student


Project Title


Project Advisor        Second Reader Defended  
Donald Dentice The Role of the Manager:  Workforce Reduction and Effective Communication in the Buffalo and Rochester, New York Offices of the Red Cross Silverman Conorozzo  5/2012
Jestina Eubanks Evaluation of Re-Entry Services at the Center for Employment Opportunities' Administration Model Henderson Conorozzo 5/2014
Linda Siragusa Community Residence for Developmentally Disabled People Conorozzo Leuthe 5/2014
Jesse Young Administration of Veterans' Benefits in Higher Education through the Lens of Erie Community College Henderson Conorozzo 5/2014
Donna Estrich Buffalo Fiscal Control Board:  Was it Effective from a Cost-benefit Perspective? Penksa Henderson  5/2014
Lisa Noonan Foster Parent Training in Erie County Conorozzo Leuthe  12/2014
Justin Stokes Evaluation of Administrative Resources in Managing After-School Programs in Buffalo Kasymova Conorozzo  5/2014
Seraphine Udahemuka-Sargent Western New York Nonprofit Organizations:  Programs and Services to Help Support Immigrants/Refugees to Build Businesses and Neighborhoods Penksa Conorozzo  5/2014
Siraj Bah Veteran Health Administration in the Public Sector: Evaluation of the Use of HealthEVet, Electronic, and Personal Health Records Conorozzo Ciaccia 12/2014
Nidia Goitia The Perceptions of Performance-Based Budgeting at the University of Buffalo Penksa Conorozzo   12/2014
Whitney Kemp  Residency Requirements for Civil Service Employees in the City of Buffalo:  Impact on Buffalo's Economy Stone    
Dinash Lal Investing in the Arts as a Regional Economic Development Tool:  A Case Study of Buffalo State College Arts Students Stone Ciaccia  1/2015
Erica Stempniak Improving Care Transitions through Partnership with the Aging Network Oyler  Ciaccia  8/2015
Tara Territo Cross-Sector Differences in the Awareness of the Glass Ceiling Commission and Recourse Options Oyler Conorozzo  5/2015
Megan Wilson The Relationship between Public Service Motivation and Volunteering:  A Case Study of Nonprofit Employees at the Primary Care Research Institute Kasymova Conorozzo  12/2014
Muhammed Sam Sumbundu Enterpreneurship and Agency Cooperation in Buffalo's CitiStat Performance-based Measurement Tool Stone Buonanno 5/2017
Ryan Gadzo

SNAP Administration in NYS Counties: Which is More Effective - Case or Team Based? (Poster)

Buonanno Reyes-Mariano 12/2015
Paul Perez  Clean Sweep Program Program Evaluation Rivera Ceesay 12/2016
Daniel Keppel Affordable Care Act Impact on the Infectious Disease Management Workload in Nonprofit/Public Hospitals - A Case Study of Roswell Park Oyler Buonanno  12/2014
Paige Taylor Nonprofit Public Service Motivation: Comparison of Direct Care Staff and Managers at Suburban Adult Services, Inc. Oyler Ciaccia 8/2014
Samuel Mattle Senior Management Roles for People with Developmental Disabilities within Non-for-Profit Service Providers in WNY Conorozzo Leuthe  8/2014
Michelle Amoako What are Some Factors that Impact Job Satisfaction among Health Care Administrators?  A Case Study of Buffalo General Hospital Penksa Conorozzo   12/2014
Jeffrey Brown Growth Coalition Theory and the Ralph Wilson Stadium Lease Agreement:  A Social Network Analysis Ciaccia Oyler  8/2014
Megan Keogh  Care Transitions:  Assessing Delivery Gaps in the Services System in Erie County Oyler Conorozzo 8/2014
Genna Mitchell

Training Karen Refugees in the City of Buffalo to Use Computers 

(project funded by the John R. Oishei Foundation)

Buonanno & Henderson Ciaccia    8/2014
Joshn Lamourth-Rivera Programs to Limit Drug Abuse among Foster Children: Evaluation of a Nonprofit in WNY Conorozzo Leuthe  8/2014
Jennie Hauser Erie County Provision of Services to Karen Refugees Conorozzo Leuthe  8/2014
Maria Garozzo-Payne Property Tax Abatements in City of Buffalo:  Assessing the Impact of the Mixed Use Exemption (NYS Real Property Tax Law 485 [a] Buonanno Stone  5/2015
Elizabeth Smith Non-Profit in Transition:  Organizational Needs Assessment of the Western New York Council on Occupational Safety & Health Oyler Conorozzo  8/2014
Carolyn Martino SUNY Buffalo State Faculty and Administrator Perception of Using Electronic Portfolios for Promotion and Tenure Reviews Buonanno Cappella 5/2015
Joella Lukwiya A Web-based Program Evaluation of Nonprofit Organizations Conorozzo Cappella 1/2015
Rozanne Cuebas Encouraging and Maintaining Employee Participation in the Erie County Wellness Program Oyler Buonanno 12/2014
Nidia Goitia The Impact of Performance-Based Budgeting at the University of Buffalo   Penska Conorozzo 12/2014
Chelcie Gramza A Qualitative Analysis of Administration in Public Schools:  A Case Study of Two Buffalo Public Schools Cappella Conorozzo  5/2015
Andrea Myers Identifying Barriers to Parent Involvement:  AA Case Study of Buffalo Public Schools Conorozzo Cappella 5/2015
Leishia Smallwood A Look at the Wage Inequality among Women and Men Conorozzo Kasymova  8/2014
John Wagner Evaluation of Erie County's Thank a Vet Program Buonanno Reyes-Mariano 1/2017
Cheryl Wailand Generational Comparisons of Motivation and Learning in the Public Sector:  A Case Study of Erie County Oyler Ciaccia  8/2015
Miguel A. Reyes-Mariano

Stress Impact of Supervisor Styles in U.S. Navy Reservists in Central New York


Conorozzo Ciaccia  1/2015
Kayla Carrasquillo

Nonprofit Organizations in Partnerships: An Evaluation of Partnership for the Public Good's 2015 Community Agenda Process (Poster)


Ceesay   Rivera 8/2016
Abdiraham Farah Language Barriers and Immigrants’ Ability to Understand and Access the Health Care System in Western New York Rivera    
Kimberly German A Financial Analysis of Buffalo Charter Schools: Are Charter Schools Getting Their Fair Share of Public Funds? (Poster)   Buonanno Stone 12/2015
Jennifer Jacobs Assessing the Success of the Community Development Block Grant Program -Subsection 1, Section 8 Ciaccia    
Patrick Hanlon South Buffalo Brownfield Opportunity Area: An Evaluation of the Dynamics of a Private-Public Collaboration Buonanno Ceesay 1/2017
Ashley Hawley Professional Development for  Head Start Teachers: A Study of Mentoring and Coaching in Chautauqua County (Poster) Soni Ceesay  12/2015
Katiurka Paniagua Nonprofit Lifecyle:  A Look at Project Flight Ceesay Rivera 5/2017
Marisa Nold An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Explaining the Adoption of the Board Business  Re-engineering Project  (Poster) Buonanno Ciaccia 5/2017
Sharon Rochelle

 A Study of Compassion and Job Satisfaction among Erie County's Child Protective Services Caseworkers:  Vicarious Trauma, Coping, Supervisory Style, Bureaucratic Structure, and Safety (Poster)


Buonanno Oyler 12/2015
Esperance Rwigamba Examination and Evaluation of H.E.A.L.’s Summer Youth Programs (Poster) Buonanno Warden 12/2015
Jordan Then

The Effect of Commercial Development Styles on Property Tax Revenue: A case study of commercial property in North Buffalo, New York (Poster)


Stone Buonanno  12/2015
William Langer Student Service Members/Veterans Programs in Erie County Colleges and Universities:  Analyzing Programs for Removing Barriers and Facilitating Identity Transitioning (Poster) Buonanno Soni  12/2015
Christine Matos Assessing the Effect of Resident Assistant Training on Implementing Programs at SUNY Buffalo State (Poster) Soni Buonanno 8/2016
Corneisha Brown Nonprofit Management and Finances Challenges in a Community Based Agency  Ceesay Buonanno  
Megan Swendsen Communication and Social Media Strategies for Project Flight Ceesay Rivera 5/2016
Edmund Barfour Heightening Awareness of Human Trafficking in Western New York and Development of Needed Services (Poster) Soni Rivera 8/2016
Krystal Collado Job Satisfaction among Probation Officers:  A Case Study of US Probation and Pretrial Services in Buffalo, NY   Rivera Ceessay 1/2017
Joseph Gramaglia

Police Officers' Perceptions of Body-worn Cameras:  Comparision of Buffalo and Rochester Police Departments (Poster)


Phillips Buonanno 12/2016
Jholane Haber Buffalo's 311 Call Center:  Program Evaluation Focusing on Department Goal of Reaction Time and Resident Satisfaction   Buonanno Soni  5/2016
Evelyn Jones Program Evaluation - Reunification of Foster Children with their Families:  NYS Office of Children and Family Services, Division of Child Care   Soni Buonanno  
Heather LaForme Comparing Traditional Haudensaunee Tribal Governments with Elective Tribal Governments: Which Governs more Effectively in Terms of Quality of Services for Tribal Members   Buonanno Soni  
Brett Loschiavo Permanency Outcomes for Children in Erie County's Department of Social Services   Soni Buonanno 12/2016
Corenia Murphy Nutritiona Meals on a Nonprofit Budget:  Comparing the Costs of Food Supply Vendors for Boys and Girls Club    Stone Ceesay 5/2017
Allison Polakiewicz Evaluation of Psychosocial Support Services for Adolescent and Young Adult Patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Poster Ceesay Keppel 8/2016
Kimberly Renda Development of a Community Paramedicine Program for the City of Tonawanda (Poster Roberts Buonanno 8/2016
Nicole Staszak Regulatory Oversight of Voluntary Agencies in New York State Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Bureaucratic Power and Mission Efficacy of Voluntary Quality Departments   Buonanno    
Mariah Turk Assessment of American Cancer Society Patient Programming in Wyoming County, New York   Soni Ceesay  
Naima Yancey Attitudes of Detention Care Workers in a Juvenile Non-Secure Detention Nonprofit Facility in Erie County (Poster) Buonanno Warden 8/2016
Monique Bluford An Evaluation of Employee Job Satisfaction in a Nonprofit Organization: A Case Study of the Buffalo State College Childcare Center   Soni Buonanno  
Kayla Cornell An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Implementation of the NYS Donate Life Registry:  A Case Study of UNYTS   Rivera Ceesay 12/2016
Natalie Crespo A Program Evaluation of Journey's End Refugee Services Matching Grant Program Rivera Ceesay 5/2017
Bria Johnson Involving Youth in Local Government:  The University District Youth Council in the City of Buffalo   Buonanno    
DeWayne Thomas Bullying Policies:  A Review of The Dignity for All Students Act Implementation in Buffalo Public and Charter Schools Ceesay Rivera 5/2017
Tevin Williams Determining Success at Compass House Shelter for At-Risk-Youth and Runaways:  A Program Evaluation Rivera    
Julia Sty Assessing Parent Outcome Data in Early Intervention:  A   Case Study of People Inc's Program 


Rivera 5/2017
Sheldon Anderson Summative Program Evaluation of New York State Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE) Development Program Rivera Buonanno  
Ye Myo Aung Organizational Assessment:  Addressing Challenges of Burmese Community Services, Inc. Soni Rivera 5/2017
Wendy Cook The Impact of Ineffective Supervision  on Communication, Consistency in Production, Training and Teamwork in the EFP Department at Erie County Department of Social Services Reyes-Mariano    
Monique Owens Evaluating Third Sector Participation in Emergency Management Planning: A Case Study of Nonprofits in Buffalo, New York Rivera Ceesay 5/2017
Lauren Picone The Effectiveness of School-Based Pantries Operated by the Food Bank of Western New York: A Comparative Case Study of Two Buffalo Charter Schools Ceesay Buonanno 5/2017
Alaska McInnis Truancy in Buffalo Public Schools Ceesay Buonanno 5/2017



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